Tile Taps DJ Slushii for a Limited Edition Release

Tile, the pioneer in finding technology, has announced a new limited edition colorway for Tile Mate and Tile Slim with a pioneer in the electric music scene, Julian Michael Scanlan, known as Slushii.

Featuring artwork done by Slushii’s digital artist, Santiago, the Tile Mate has a comic-book-style recreation of the emblem on Slushii’s iconic hockey jersey while the Slim has an anime-style alter ego of Slushii.

“After I lost 5 passports, Tile became an essential part of my travel kit since I am constantly traveling and on the go,” said Slushii. “Tiles are vital products for all festival goers and music lovers to help keep track of your belongings when your mind is focused on enjoying being in the moment.”

“We are so excited to partner with Slushii for our first-ever, limited edition collaboration of this kind,” said James Selby, Chief Product Officer at Life360 and Tile. “Slushii’s personal connection to the brand and unique design aesthetic made for the perfect elements to bring this together.”

Exclusively available through, the ultra-limited collection of Tile Slim ($39.99) and Tile Mate ($29.99) will only have a total of 500 available. Both products are ideal for festivalgoers as Slims can be slipped into products including wallets and passports, whereas Mates can be attached to purses, keys, and backpacks. With Life360’s recent acquisition of Tile, devices can also tap into the wide network of Life360 users to help locate missing items. With one in nine families using Life360, Tiles are connected to one of the most powerful location-based networks.

This limited-edition collaboration joins Tile’s existing lineup of Bluetooth trackers that come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. The Tile app is compatible with both Android™ and Apple® devices, so everyone can find their stuff.

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