Slushii to release “Sending My Love” NFT collection on LimeWire

The “Sending My Love” collection is a unique drop consisting of three different digital art pieces, each unlocking Slushii’s new exclusive song “Sending My Love”, as well as giving holders early access to purchase the exclusive, limited edition Slushii x LimeWire merch drop which will be released later this year. 

Check out the release details here: CLICK HERE

As a holder of the Slushii NFT, you will also enjoy early, first access to purchase a special limited edition Slushii x LimeWire sweatshirt, as soon as the merchline drops. A long-awaited release for all Slushii fans, the merch design represents the fusion of the Slushii and LimeWire brands. At the young age of only 10 years old, Slushii was already busy downloading remixes he found on LimeWire, inspiring him and developing his early passion for DJing. Most importantly, however, the sweatshirts “are really comfortable” – you can take Slushii’s word for it, he’s been wearing them a lot himself.

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